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Ironing Board Into Art

Recently I saw an ad for an Art Show - the Uproar Art Show here in Orange County, North Carolina. It intrigued me and the more I looked over the idea, the more I wanted to enter an art piece into this show. (more info here for those interested: )

One of the requirements is that whatever pieces get entered must be able to be outdoors for about a month in high humidity, rain, wind, or whatever Nature may throw at us.

This had me perplexed...What art surfaces could hold up to such an onslought?? I was thinking maybe wood panels - no - might warp. Perhaps acrylic/plexiglass type surface - no, kind of fragile. (I actually purchased a plexiglass panel and it came pre-chipped... 🧐 Nope!) What to do?!!

Then, while walking on my front porch, I happened to see my old ironing board, waiting to be taken to the dump/recycling center and a random thought popped into my brain...what if this was my canvas?? Then I got to doing some research and realized it was possible with some careful preparation to paint on metal surfaces like this.

After this there was much brainstorming as to what my statement piece would showcase and say to the world. I am a fan of nature - animals, trees, flowers, bugs, sunsets, mountains, forests - you name it, it inspires, calms, and rejuvenates my soul. My art piece had to be something to do with my favorite subject and something about taking care of our world.

So, here began my ironing board journey.

Then cleaning began in earnest - tried a few things with minimal cleaning benefits...The goo on this thing was really, well, gooey!!

Finally, my dear husband, suggested acetone to me. That and lots of scrubbing, along with some power washing and sanding, did the job!

Next came the primer and a first coat of paint. (all along I was brainstorming what my theme/message/subject would be.)

I had to be patient and let this dry for several LONG days! I was anxious to paint on this awesome "canvas"!!

Finally the day came to start painting! I had decided to make the focus be our State of North Carolina and recycling, reusing, and therefore helping to save the world we love. So, "Mountains To The Sea" began to take shape.

Many steps and small changes along the way...

Still a few details to attend to, such as varnishing and creating a name plaque, but the finish line is in sight!

Soon I will be submitting it to the Uproar Art Show. I do hope it gets accepted, but whether it makes it in or not, this has been a fantastic learning experience and has helped me to grow in my art practice.

Stay tuned for an update on this project! 😎✨🤙🏼

Until then, have a beauty-filled, adventuresome day!


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